If you're looking for easy ways to level up your photography business RIGHT NOW, this is a list for you. The five things I talk about here seriously changed the game for me and I would pay $1000 for each of them because they're that crucial and helpful in all that I do. If you're like me and have been doing a lot of back end work during quarantine and are looking for that next step, this is a great place to start.


Honeybook is the client management software I use to respond to inquiries, send contracts and invoices, receive payments and organize just about everything on the back end of my business. When I finally got Honeybook, it was a GAME CHANGER. I cannot recommend it enough. If you're looking for the next step in your business, you can get 50% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR HERE.


Specifically GiftBoxLoveCo's shop. They have amazing gifts that I send wedding clients when they book me as their photographer! It's a great resource that adds to client's experience and satisfaction with me. I also order custom flash drives and other delivery items from another Etsy shop, DartshopCrafts. And here's another really cute gift I've been sending to clients who have to reschedule their wedding.


Spacesaver is a photo optimization software that reduces your photo file size without reducing the image quality. They have a free trial where you can try it on 500 photos before you make a one time purchase! I instantly bought it after the free trial - it saves so much space in my online galleries, on my website and for my clients! Get their free trial here!


This is the site I use to deliver alllll my clients' beautiful galleries. It's sleek and simple to use for clients and for me. It has everything I've ever needed, from email templates to go along with galleries to all kinds of different settings for privacy and downloads to a store attached for ordering prints and cards. You can start with a free version of Pixieset, and it's a great way to level up how you deliver galleries to clients. And you'll save a ton of room in Pixieset if you first run your photos through Spacesaver!


StickerApp is where I get my logo stickers from. It's fast, simple and fairly priced. One of the reasons I went with them is that you can order stickers in lower quantities and a lower minimum price because as much as I love stickers, I really didn't need $60 worth of stickers, at least right away. Stickers are a great gift to send to clients (I send handwritten thank you notes as well) and a great thing to give to friends and family members as free advertising!

There you have it - the 5 resources that absolutely 👏LEVELED👏UP👏 my biz game recently. I really wish I hadn't waited as long as I did to make some of these investments, so learn from my mistakes and don't wait any longer to chase after the business you want yours to be!