Everything about this day was absolutely incredible. Every Pacific Northwest couple's boho wedding day dreams! 😍

the couple

We snapped some photos of the in front of their arbor and among the trees. Doesn't his deep red suit just pop among the green and the trees?? And the sparkle in her dress was so dang dreamy.

the band

The live band really just topped off the whole evening. I think it's the cherry on top of the cake that everyone should have at their PNW treehouse elopement. Or just any wedding honestly! They played a beautiful mix of originals and covers, perfect for the most romantic evening.

dinner details

The sweet little table had the most thoughtful details. This neutral table scape will give you all the inspiration you need. It's simple, elegant, personalized and full of alllll those beautiful earth tones.

in the trees

We explored the huge treehouse in the Emerald Forest in Redmond, Washington. It was the most magical evening dancing and adventuring in the trees.

Under the lights

This marquee sign at the Emerald Forest Theater is probably my favorite part of the whole venue. The light was disappearing from the sky so it was the perfect spot to grab some shots of Drew and Taylor towards the end of the evening.

End of the night

What better way to end some elopement portraits than with s'mores?? I definitely had some with them. It was the coziest way to end what was turning into a chilly night!